Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Check out our FAQ.

How do I enrol my child?

Locate your local club on our interactive map. From there you can click on a club's name and enrol your child. If you need any help, drop us a line.

How much does Code Club cost?

Code Club is free to attend!

How do I volunteer?

Sign up as a volunteer and we will help you connect with a club. After you've signed up, start by finding a local club on our interactive map, and getting in touch. We have clubs all over Aotearoa New Zealand!

How do I start a club?

There are two ways to start a club: you can volunteer to run a Code Club and find a venue, or you can offer a venue and find a volunteer. More on both below!

I have a great venue but I can’t teach. What can I do?

If you have a suitable venue to run a club, but don’t feel qualified to teach, you’ll need to find a volunteer. First, register as a club host and then you can check for registered volunteers in your area. Chat to friends, contact community websites, and use social media. We're also here to help.

I want to start a club but I don’t have a venue. What can I do?

You’ll need to to find a suitable venue with adequate computer facilities and access to the internet. Primary and intermediate schools are great venues as students can learn with their friends. Libraries and community centres are also good places to run a club outside school hours. Once you have found a venue, register your club and we will help get you started.

What happens at Code Club?

Club members meet for an hour a week to work through the free projects we provide, which are step-by-step guides that will help them create games, animations, and webpages. The Clubs leader and volunteers are on hand to support, encourage, and help the young people.

What is taught at Code Club?

Code Club Aotearoa is community-led, but we provide the basic projects and materials. Our projects can be found on our Projects page. You can also view, download and print our materials here. Please note that if you intend to use our materials to run a Code Club, we ask that you register!

What age is Code Club for?

We recommend kids aged 9-13 years old attend Code Club, although that age range is flexible. The best thing to do is get in touch with your local club leader!

Can I charge for Code Club?

In short – no. Not charging for Code Club is one of our core tenets, and we make all of our materials and resources available for free and our volunteers give their time for free. We do not allow clubs to charge for attendance as it goes again the ethos of the organisation.

Can I teach Code Club offline?

Yes! There are clubs in Aotearoa New Zealand that teach offline by downloading the projects and materials and then transferring them to devices.

Where can I get support?

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be part of the Code Club Aotearoa community. You can also contact us at any time with a question. For other support, check out your local Google Groups forum to get in touch with volunteers in your area. There might already be an answer to your question.

What software do I need?

We start with Scratch. You'll also need Python. Take a look at our projects to see the curriculum.

Are there legal requirements when volunteering?

In Aotearoa New Zealand any adult who wishes to work with children using Code Club Aotearoa material must have a background criminal record check. This happens when you sign up, and we can help you through it. You may also need to have insurance, depending on the venue and whether there are teachers present.

I need to find funding to run a Club. Any tips?

Look to local technology companies or other local businesses for help as well as grant giving organisations in your region. Code Club Aotearoa also has a pool of funding available, contact us here.

Can I donate to Code Club?

Yes! We rely heavily on donations to continue growing and being able to teach as many children to code. You can donate to us online here.

Are you a charity?

Yes. Code Club Aotearoa is a charitable trust, registered as Code Club Charitable Trust on the New Zealand Charities Register. Our registration number is CC51617. This means we have authority to carry out all valid charitable activities, including the Trustees and Directors granting financial assistance towards:

  • offering free education in software design, computer programming and other digital technologies skills for all people in New Zealand but with a particular focus on educating young people in technology skills
  • professional development to enhance school teachers’ abilities and skills to deliver the digital technologies curriculum within schools in New Zealand.
  • All of the funding we receive goes directly to our charitable purpose. You can learn more and view our financial accounts here.

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